Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

Neue Firma - Colorhills

Ganz neu in Deutschland ist die polnische Marke COLORHILLS. Mit wunderschönen Papieren, Badges und Stempeln. Im Shop HIER !

Und weil der Bauer nicht isst was er nicht kennt, habe ich Mira (eine der drei Designerinnen) gebeten mir etwas über ihre Produkte und wie es dazu kam, zu erzählen.

A few words about CH and the whole idea of producing papers:

We have a great pleasure to introduce the Color Hills which is totally fresh and young brand on the scrapbooking market. We’ve released two collections of papers so far: refresh and lazy moments, accompanied with the stamps and badges. There is another ongoing project that we’re working on but shhh for now :)
The idea of creating this company came from our scrapbooking passion and our will to share products that are fulfilling our ideas and creative needs in 100%.
We are the three girls living in Wrocław (Poland). We scrap for over five years, and love creating together on our little private meetings. We share similar expectations about scrapbooking products, and looking back in the future we all dreamt about creating our own paper lines.
We’ve started from the badges design for our own purposes, and when it was ready none of us couldn’t believe they are real.
Then was the time for another common project - a papers design. We found out that our team cooperates perfect, and the effects satisfy all of us in 100%. It happened so quickly… For now we have to admit – one collection isn’t enough for us! You should expect more pretty soon!
We’re glad that we can share our hobby with people around the world, we are very happy that so many of You like our design. We are impressed how wonderful works are being created with our papers! It’s the greatest award for us and it means that our effort is worth taking!
Thank You for the trust,

Color Hills

Die beiden Kollektionen findet Ihr im Shop: LAZY MOMENTS

 und : REFRESH

Auf dem Blog von Collorhills findet man tolle Layouts und Minibooks mit den Papieren und Stempeln.

Liebe Grüße Cathleen 


  1. so glad that they came to You so quickly! :) :*************

  2. Ooh, so toll dass du die Sachen anbietest!


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